Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The GV Girls

So I promised something special this Tuesday with Wine Library TV wristbands...and here you've got it! No, we're not Gary Vaynerchuk's official GV Girls, but we're G-Volution Dance Company! Like I mentioned in last Tuesday's post, we have a blast together at every rehearsal, but today was even more fun because we got to play dress-up...well kinda! We dressed up our wrists to coordinate with our love for the Thunder Show on WLTV. Not that we don't have fun dancing...I mean that's what we LIVE for, but this was definitely a good time too :)I also enjoyed adding some effects to our photos, like "posterizing" us. The best part about it all, was that we got to bond with the new girls Vanessa & Morgan who just joined G-Volution in March. We're all psyched for the professional GV Makeover Photo Shoot next Tuesday where we will be changing our "look" entirely with some sexier, updated costumes.
Check out our website @ www.G-VolutionDance.com ...but don't make fun of our old- school costumes for the time being... I had a small budget!!
We want to thank Gary for the wristbands, and my sis Liana for being the photographer!! :) We brought some THUNDER right?? Let us know what you thought! Ciao for tonight ;-)
-Graziella & The G-Volution Girls


NicZak said...

That is by far and away the coolest promo for 'bringin the thunder' that I have seen yet! Very nice work Graziella -- keep doin your thing ladies!

- Nick

jordikell said...

Y'all are awesome!! I hope Gary V checks this out!! Much love to all of you beautiful and amazing women!!

Anonymous said...

Well i must say that i really love these girls. I don't know if my opinion matters cuz i am the official masscot of G-Volution.