Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Writing to you from my humble laptop while my workhorse desktop is being worked on by the Geek Squad.....

Have you ever been in a majorly bad mood, so bad that it ruins the rest of your day? Yep- that's me right now. My computer had 22 viruses and I got Geek Squad to fix it. Now, all I know is that I am getting way too many error messages, and my Adobe Premiere Pro video editing program is not working and I have to reinstall it along with my printer, my webcam and my usb drives. I don't know where all these program cds are since I installed them ages ago....All my settings are messed up.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! SO ANNOYING.

What does this mean to you? No G-Volution video yet, because I can't upload the thing! Sorry peeps, I had to complain to someone, and I guess its you this time. I love you all my dear readers/viewers & fans :) See that made me smile, thanks to you reading this. xoxo

Ughhh, Geek Squad just hung up on me in the middle of the service! Do you feel my pain?

Ok, I'm really sorry for the crankiness, but real G will be back soon I promise! And if there are any techies out there reading this- I need your advice on how to NOT let this happen again!

If all goes well- video will be up later "today"


The Tyler Hayes said...

Sorry to hear about all that, yikes! I'm sure it will all work out in the end :) Viruses don't make it easy for any of us, especially when they're still affecting our computers even after they're treated.

Until then, even if you can't find your original CDs with all those files that you need, as long as you're running Windows XP or Windows Vista all you have to do is plug in your printer/webcam/USB drives again and your computer should automatically re-install the correct files for them. Just in case, the manufacturer websites for all your products will have the same files. So if you have an HP printer, just go to and search for your printer - you should be able to find whatever you need!

As far as Adobe Premiere Pro goes, they have digital downloads on their website. So, if all else fails, you should be able to find a way to prove to them that you already own a copy, and they'll let you download a digital copy of it.

Hope the rest of your week is better!

All the best,
Owner, The Simple Service