Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Transcendence & The Journey

As I prepare for a very busy, & exciting next 3 weeks ahead with the premiere of my show "Puttin' on the G" in my home state of New Jersey, I reflect on what remains most important...The Journey. Sometimes it gets lost when constantly focusing on the "end result," or your goal. The journey itself is what life is about, not what you attain at the end. We live in such a fast- paced, goal- oriented society that is centered on "winning, making the goal, getting the job, reaching the quota," that we do not pay attention to everything else that happens around us, and with us.

I wrote a poem a few years ago during my senior year in college, and it sticks with me...entitled Transcendence. I was going through a very transitional period in my life, as you can imagine a 21 year-old about to embark on the "real world!" I wanted to go beyond what I knew of as "myself," to surpass what I've been...all while living in each and every moment fully.

My brand new demo video contains excerpts of this very personal & intimate poem in the form of spoken word over music- check it out! Transcendence Demo Video
This video is in QuickTime Player Format- Click Here to get QuickTime
*Videography by Angel Sanchez

Transcendence (The Original Poem) by Graziella Baratta
To transcend oneself is to overthrow me
Never knowing what there was to see,
Never really being true to thee
Please be patient and just listen,
As I allow my true colors to glisten
Allow me to dance in the silence of my heart,
For only then I can become a part
Of this enthralling journey
I shall never forget what I bring with me
Remembering to breathe,
Remembering to bend,
I shall finally
© Graziella Baratta

Hope you enjoyed it and related to it in your own way.