Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I did my own DO!

Ok so....what may be scary for me may not be scary for you. That said, my "DO"is something I hand over to stylists to CUT and COLOR.. ALWAYS! The styling part- that's all me ;) The last time I did something to my own hair, I was 17 and ended up with a full head of red-yellow hair right before my junior prom. I never did my own hair again....until today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Graziella for this privilege to write on your blog. I believe that you have a big talent and skills that are going to proyect you very high.

Just let me give you a short idea:
do everything that you believe is right, not offending God...try to do the best...do not make compromise with nobody...when you have an idea write it, and review this at least one week later...

I can continue writing you...but try to send me a DIRECT MESSAGE and I will answer you.

Blessings in His Kingdom,

Flavio Farias