Month: January 2016

Five Natural Ways of Cleaning Your Lungs Of Nicotine And Tar

It is written in bold on all of the smoking substances that “Smoking Kills” , “Smoking is injurious to health”  and “smoking Causes Cancer” but still no one cares and continue to their smoking Journey . In fact it is a very tough task to quit Smoking Weeds or Cigarettes.

So If you still smoke or have quit smoking in recent days, then you have to take special care regarding removing the harmful effects of smoking inside your Body . One Personal note for my readers if you haven’t quit smoking yet then do it now if you want to live a healthy life as after sometime the recover from them is irreversible and death is certain.

However, I am going to show you how you can remove the tar out of your lungs with the help of natural detoxing agents .

With the help of Corn .

Cryptoxanthin is a substance that prevents cancer and it is available in corns so, consuming fresh corn will really lower the risk of getting cancer.  Another substances having this ingredient is Pumpkin.

Brazil Nuts .

The Selenium Presence in Nuts will really help in fighting Cancer as it contains abundant of antioxidants properties . I personally recommend this to use as it has effective result.

Ginger .

Everybody Knows the quality of ginger it is a natural healer of disease . You can take it with milk or via any other type drinks. It will really detox your body from the harmful effects of smoking weed and other things .

Nettle .

Nettle Leaves is also very effective in the getting tar out of your lungs as it is enriched with Iron .


Onion is a all in one antibiotic it will fight from a number of diseases and Infections . For those who are diagnosed with cancer it  will stop new cancerous cells from growing .

Breathing Exercises

There are various Breathing Exercises out there you can try some deep breathing exercise to strengthen your lungs.