Why Small Businesses Should Prefer WordPress Themes to Blogger Themes

Establishing and managing a small business is one challenging task that every entrepreneur encounters when aiming for success. Therefore, to keep up with the demands associated with marketing management, Human Resource Management, admin support, IT management among other business roles, small businesses need to skin their weblog with an appropriate theme with customizable backgrounds that are attractive, and can add professional looks to attract traffic.

Based on theme features that improve quality, attractiveness, and professionalism of a weblog, why should small scale businesses prefer WordPress Business Themes to Blogger themes?

WordPress is a sturdy Content Management System which is designed mainly for substantial blogging (SEO, affiliate marketing), and thousands of great themes both free and paid. The various template files have customizable backgrounds and additional modification options that add attractive looks, elegance and professional themes to small businesses’ websites. Therefore, a small scale business would obtain professional looks essential for attracting qualified traffic from WordPress themes. Besides, the template files contain plenty of high-quality themes easy to modify and customize to suit just any website irrespective what the site is about.

However, Blogger is designed for simple blogging, with no interest in adding essential traffic or monetary value. Also, making customizations on Blogger templates for a small scale business driven website to make it stand above the rest is almost impossible, unless the owner understands HTML and CSS. Apparently, WordPress themes are more likely to widely express a business than Blogger themes. Again, default Blogger templates only provide limited set of templates to use. Blogger theme colors and layout can be modified using built in tools, but the platform cannot create new plans or make modifications. Clearly, with Blogger, a small scale business cannot create its own theme layouts or make modifications to suit the setting. Besides, some non-official Blogger templates are very low quality and cannot stand out to traffic.

In addition, designing small business websites or blogs via WordPress provides small scale retailers with the opportunity to try out many different looks using premium and free themes. Ideally, with WordPress themes, a small scale business has nearly endless scalability that enhances room for growth. But, Blogger themes have minimal customization features. Therefore, a weblog whose graphical interface has been designed with Blogger templates is likely to look like any other Blogger site. Besides, the template options given by Blogger are slim, plain and a little repulsive. Blogger only offers seven themes to choose from, with only one template with few different design options. Generally, Blogger themes a look bit awkward and unattractive, hence unable to stand up against other websites.

Arguably, blogger templates have something to offer to small-scale businesses; its themes are free to access, and easy to use. Still, its templates are hampered by few customization features and low-quality files that set its themes as plain, hence inappropriate for business driven weblogs.

Blogger themes are a perfect choice for the casual blogging meant for establishing creative writings with no interest in turning the website into something substantial or monetary value. Apparently, failing to add attract qualified traffic is not a goal for any logical small scale business driven site.


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