Benefits of Marijuana Withdrawal


It has been identified that a lot of people get rid of their pot habits without suffering any adverse effects at all. You will not be able to gain any significant health benefits by smoking weed. However, you will get the opportunity to experience a variety of benefits by quitting marijuana. Here is a list of the most prominent benefits that are associated with marijuana withdrawal.

  1. Increased energy – This can be considered as one of the most significant benefits delivered by marijuana withdrawal. Most of the people who quit marijuana have stated that they noticed a tremendous increase in their energy levels. This can help you to get out of the bed earlier and engage with more intense workouts. In addition, you will get the opportunity to stay focused throughout the entire day.
  2. No dependency – If you are addicted to smoking marijuana, you will not be able to go anywhere you want. That’s because you would get the need to smoke first. As a result, you would feel like you cannot enjoy anything without getting high with marijuana. You can get rid of this dependency after you quit smoking weed.
  3. You can save more money – People who are addicted to marijuana spend hundreds of dollars per week to purchase them. From the recent studies, it has been identified that an average marijuana smoker spends around $300 – $500 per month to smoke weed. Just think about the money that you can save at the end of the year after you quit smoking weed.
  4. Enhanced memory – Most of the people believe that marijuana can make their memory strong. However, this fact is not true and it creates a negative impact on your memory. If you smoke marijuana on a daily basis, you would struggle to remember things that you did a couple of days back. You will not even remember the interactions that you had with your close friends. Once you quit smoking, you will be amazed to see how your memory improves.
  5. You can be more productive – Smoking marijuana creates a tremendous impact on your productivity as well. The marijuana smokers find it as a hard task to complete their assigned duties on a timely manner. Therefore, you will not be able to complete all the scheduled work at the end of the day. You can get rid of it and increase your productivity after you quit smoking marijuana.
  6. Balanced mood – The mood of people who smoke marijuana on a regular basis fluctuates constantly. If you want to get a more balanced mood throughout the entire day, you should quit smoking weed.
  7. Enhanced health – Last but not least, you will get the opportunity to enhance your health levels after you quit smoking marijuana. For example, your diet would improve and your throat would no longer feel agitated. On the other hand, your sweat would not smell bad and your skin complexion would be improved.

Five Natural Ways of Cleaning Your Lungs Of Nicotine And Tar

It is written in bold on all of the smoking substances that “Smoking Kills” , “Smoking is injurious to health”  and “smoking Causes Cancer” but still no one cares and continue to their smoking Journey . In fact it is a very tough task to quit Smoking Weeds or Cigarettes.

So If you still smoke or have quit smoking in recent days, then you have to take special care regarding removing the harmful effects of smoking inside your Body . One Personal note for my readers if you haven’t quit smoking yet then do it now if you want to live a healthy life as after sometime the recover from them is irreversible and death is certain.

However, I am going to show you how you can remove the tar out of your lungs with the help of natural detoxing agents .

With the help of Corn .

Cryptoxanthin is a substance that prevents cancer and it is available in corns so, consuming fresh corn will really lower the risk of getting cancer.  Another substances having this ingredient is Pumpkin.

Brazil Nuts .

The Selenium Presence in Nuts will really help in fighting Cancer as it contains abundant of antioxidants properties . I personally recommend this to use as it has effective result.

Ginger .

Everybody Knows the quality of ginger it is a natural healer of disease . You can take it with milk or via any other type drinks. It will really detox your body from the harmful effects of smoking weed and other things .

Nettle .

Nettle Leaves is also very effective in the getting tar out of your lungs as it is enriched with Iron .


Onion is a all in one antibiotic it will fight from a number of diseases and Infections . For those who are diagnosed with cancer it  will stop new cancerous cells from growing .

Breathing Exercises

There are various Breathing Exercises out there you can try some deep breathing exercise to strengthen your lungs.

The Detox Drinks Everyone Must Try

The Detox Drinks
The Detox Drink
The Detox Drinks

What I am going to say about the detox  drinks is not a matter  of surprise but what is the benefit of using these drinks is really a  thing which should be taken in serious . Our body is exposed to harmful radiation moreover , the food products that we consume are not free from dangerous micro-organisms and they slowly stores poisonous substances inside our body .

In this post Iam going to show you how I myself use some detox drinks for the detoxification of my body. There is different drinks for different organ detoxification , Read them all carefully.

The Detox Drinks

Skinny detox Cucumber Water

This detox drink drink will really bring Physiological  purification of your body and it is very helpful in warmer months of the year. The Lemon and lime presence in this drinks activates the metabolism of the body . The other Benefit of this drink is that it will help you to lose extra fats of your body .

Ingredients used in the formation .

  1. Cucumber
  2. Lemon
  3. Lime
  4. Mint
  5. Ice
  6. Water
  7. Grapefruit

Instructions to made this Drink

  • Combine water and Ice in a full  Glass of Water and then
  • Add All the above discussed Ingredients of the drinks in the Water .
  • Stir the Makeup Juice for five minutes in mason jar and let it still for other five to six minutes .
  • Now it is ready for serve .

Sassy Water

Sassy water is named upon its inventor Cynthia Sass which included in her “Flat Belly Diet” . In fact it is also a detox drink that will detoxify your belly Fat . The Zero calorie drink with Ginger in it will really keep your digestive system cold and active . Which will help you in maintaining a healthy figure .

Lets have a look at how you may prepare this effective drink at your home.

Fresh Water about 1-2 Litres
A lemon .
A cucumber Must be peeled and sliced perfectly .
15 small mint Leaves .
One teaspoon of Grated Ginger .

Methods to make :
No any rocket science in this madeup .
Just Add the above all Ingredients in a Container and mix it up in a mason jar .
Keep it Overnight in  low temperature for at least 12 hours and then take it .
All things done Enjoy the Drink.

These two Detox Drinks has helped me a lot so I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with you. I will reall love to hear your opinion about these two Detox Drinks.

Get Your Body ON!

There is no better time than now to get your body ON!  It’s May in 1 day, and most of us are planning to peel away the layers as the weather gets warmer…SO, that means, revealing more skin.  However, most of us have been cooped up indoors and perhaps have a bit of “winter padding” we’d like to get rid of.  As a classically trained, professional dancer and certified personal trainer, I have a number of methods that I use to stay fit that I’d like to share with you!

1) Incorporate weight lifting and/or resistance exercises into your workout routine 3- 4x a week.  Having more muscle mass= burning more fat.  Burning more fat= well…less fat!  SO DO IT!

2) Do bootcamp- style workouts that include a mix cardio and strength.  You will save time and get better results.

3) Super-set your weight lifting exercises (advanced training method), which means doing two exercises in a row, without resting in between sets.
4) Vary your workouts.  By doing this you stay interested while constantly challenging your body.
5) Create long, lean lines by incorporating yoga and stretching into your regular workout routine.
6) Working out on an empty stomach is KEY!  This means at least 2 hours after a meal.
7) Eat smaller, more frequent meals.  This keeps your blood sugar at a steady rate, metabolism and energy up, burning optimal fat.
8) NO TRANS FATS or HYDROGENATED FATS!  Incorporate good fats found in olive oil, flax seeds (or oil), walnuts, salmon and cod fish.
9) Read food labels (you’ll be surprised at what you find!)
10) Water, water, water.  8 (12 oz) glasses daily or more depending on your body weight and if you consume caffeine (you may need more).
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New Age is Ancient

New Age is Ancient
New Age is Ancient

I consider myself a pretty “new- age” type of person, but have you ever stopped to think of what it really means? No, it doesn’t mean that you are forward thinking, but rather backward thinking, in essence. This is because most or all of what we consider to be “New Age” is really quite ancient, and rooted in practices and cultures that came way before us. It is only in the past thirty years or so that Western culture has come to learn more about these ancient practices that are known as “New Age.”

What’s New Age about me? Well, having a Mom who is very open- minded and also an Aquarius (a very free- spirited sign), and a Dad who is a Leo (strong- willed independent thinker), I grew up with a broad belief system. I was taught to examine everything around me and come up with my own conclusions rather than “go by the book.” Kinda cool, yes, but also confusing…yet very educational. I studied about the Renaissance in Italy (where this pic is from), and it was the best thing I did for myself! I really feel like we’re in somewhat of a second Renaissance right now…I say this because we are reexamining history to create a greater awareness in our world in health, spirituality and social issues, and combining it with technology.

Without going too off topic and making this a novel, I’ve made some worthwhile changes in my lifestyle that are New Age such as:
1- Changing my eating habits to include more whole foods (aka whole veggies & grains, protein and organic foods that are not processed or “boxed”). I feel healthier, more energetic, and happier…plus I lost about 10 lbs without really trying 🙂

2- I meditate for balance. This is something I thought I’d never, ever do. I’m really “uppity,” so it took me a while to get the hang of mediating, but I love it now. It helps me to focus better, it calms me, and allows me to process & acknowledge all that’s going on in my life.

3- I give thanks in my own way every day. I guess this kinda goes along with the meditating thing. Whatever your religion (I believe all religions basically mean the same thing), I think it’s important to give thanks to Big People Up There (hahaha). Even though I may have a terrible day, I think of the things I’m thankful for all the time to put life into perspective.

4- I live one day at a time…this is tough for me because I’m a “planner.” I try to savor every moment as much as I can, because after all…this IS LIFE!

Are you a New- Ager? If so, how? Or…do you think this stuff is NUTS? I’d like to know 🙂